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How To Tint Car Windows At Home. Hold the razor close to the window and scrape at a low angle. 5 poorly applied window tint.

How To Tint Car Windows At HomeHow To Tint Car Windows At Home
How To Tint Car Windows Like a Pro DIY Guide from

A heat gun will work best for this process, but a good hairdryer on the. You should clean both inside and outside to remove all dirt and grime. Separate the liner from the film on the outer window with the help of a tape.

How To Tint Your Windows Step 5:

Holding the spray can about 12 inches away from the window, spray a thin coat of tint onto the window in a back and forth motion. Apply heat to the tint that you want to remove. You should take one spoon of dishwashing soap and two spoons of vinegar in the 2 cups of clean water.

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Save The Top Of The Window For Last.

Adding window tint to your vehicle can reduce the glare of sunlight and make the appearance look clean. Step 2) peel the tint starting from the edges section by sections. Start with the bottom of the window and move onto the sides.

Saturate The Outside Glass With Soapy Water.

Use the squeegee to hold the window gasket out while sliding the film in underneath it. Tinting the windows of your car, truck or suv can add style and comfort to your driving experience, as well as helping you protect your interior from light,. Avoid diy disaster and worrying about how to put window.

The Window Film Creates A More Comfortable Environment For The Vehicle.

Make sure to cut the film at least 1/2″ to 1/4″ from the window gasket and the. Metal file (for finishing) microfiber cloth, squeegee, and window razor. Remember to clean the rubbers holding the windows in place as well to prevent the transfer of.

5 Poorly Applied Window Tint.

Use a hard plastic squeegee to smooth out the. Place the tinting over the outside of the window so that it covers the entire window. In this video i discuss my top 5 reasons to learn how to window tint.

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